There’s a way to be a gentleman at a strip club. There’s also a way to be a dude who is seconds away from finding himself anywhere but in our seats. We really, really prefer the former. A strip club is about having a good time with some great looking girls. Whether you’re rolling deep with your friends, wanting to make it rain with your cash flow, or are flying solo, Charlotte's Cabaret is here to please. Apparently, some folks need a refresher course on a few of these subjects. At least one guy probably needs to drink less, though in his own words he’s “extremely sorry” to Stormy Daniels.

Throwing Your Wallet At Strippers Is Not How You Make It Rain

So it’s basically impossible to ignore who Stormy Daniels is these days, right? The porn star-turned-scandal-lightning rod has taken on the President of the United States himself, in more ways than one according to her. She’s basically blown up the political establishment harder than an angry politician trying to undo everything his predecessors have accomplished out of spite. The media can’t stop talking about her. Being a smart and talented lady, she’s been riding this surge of fame. She’s been visiting strip clubs all over the country as part of her “Make America Horny Again” campaign. We don’t think America needed help getting horny again, but we appreciate the spirit. Strip clubs all over the country have been getting hundreds of extra visitors each night to see the woman herself on stage. There are better, safer ways to make it rain than this, regardless of whether or not there’s a porn star on stage. And we encourage you to try them here at Charlotte's Cabaret.