Whether you’re a strip club veteran with many sexy escapades under your belt, or you’re entering one for the first time, this blog’s for you. The Charlotte's Cabaret is the best gentlemen’s club in Tampa - gorgeous ladies and a fully stocked bar. It can be… overwhelming, to the experienced and inexperienced alike. We don’t usually have problems, our ladies can take care of themselves, and we’ve got security staff in case a little muscle is needed. But we prefer things not going that way. Every night, we’ve got a line out the door with gentlemen (and some ladies) who want a taste of Tampa’s hottest gentleman's club. So it probably couldn’t hurt to offer you some tips about the whole experience.

There’s a right way to be around our girls. If you follow these tips, we guarantee you’ll have a night you won't forget

Dress Nice, For the Ladies and Yourself

If you come here in flipflops, swim trunks that barely fit, and a tank top… good luck getting inside the hottest gentleman's club in Tampa, much less any other club. A gentleman's club is no excuse to let yourself go, and a well-dressed patron is going to get more attention.

But it’s not just about looking good for the ladies, it about comfort. A nice set of slacks or khakis are smoother and softer to the touch than a pair of jeans. When you’re getting a lapdance at the Palomino, you want the good stuff. If you’re dressed up nice and soft, your dancer will appreciate it, and you will definitely know that she appreciates it.

Speaking of lapdances…

Remember Why You’re Here

If you’re coming to the Charlotte's Cabaret, you’re here for the girls, and you’re here for the drinks. Whether it’s for the dancers on our stage or a good one-on-one show in our private rooms, you’re getting the hottest strip club experience in the city.

Be prepared to pay for it. Our entertainers, hosts, security, DJs, and bartenders are workers, and you shouldn’t forget that. Their job is to ensure you’re having a great time in a comfortable and safe space. Generous tips will make a dancer that much more inclined to pay attention to you and your friends. A bartender might put you at the front of the line for the next drink. A host will help you find the girl you want a dance from. Tip well and tip often, and watch how much nicer your night ends up being!

Treat the Ladies Right

So you’ve tipped well, and that sexy stripped has all but pushed you into a private room. You’re getting the lapdance of your dreams. She knows what she’s doing to you. You’re all but begging for more. You’re trembling under her, you’re panting. This is the hard part, and for you, in the heat of this moment at Tampa’s hottest strip club, it’s hard in more ways than one. That’s why you’re here, after all.

Some professional dancers don’t mind a gentle caress here or there. Some girls might even let you grab. But the important thing to remember, no matter what, is that the lady is in control. You don’t touch unless she wants you to touch.

Remember that she’s giving you a performance, and that means that she’s in control. If, for whatever reason, she stops being in control because of something you do, you have screwed up. Hands to yourself, unless she wants them somewhere in particular, and only if.

Charlotte's Cabaret is Tampa’s hottest strip club… not a brothel

While you’re paying for the drinks and tipping the girls for their work, you’re not ‘picking them up’. Believe us when we say that these ladies all have lives outside of the club. Some of them might already have very good partners.

Being at a sexy gentleman's club is not your ticket to something more than a lapdance. It’s not an excuse to touch without permission, and it’s DEFINITELY not an excuse to show off your junk. Keep it in the pants.

If you can follow some basic rules and etiquette, then we promise you nothing but a great night. Come on down to Charlotte's Cabaret, and see for yourself!